MUSIC Curriculum

The following text is taken from The University of Findlay's undergraduate catalog.

A minor in musical arts consists of a minimum of 24 semester hours from the following list, with a prerequisite of MUSC 129 or its equivalent, which does not count towards the total hours. MUSC 200, 234; MUSC 220, 233, or 270; 10 semester hours of applied music study (six semester hours within one area of emphasis, three hours of piano, and one hour of voice**): MUSC 193, 198, 293, 298, 393, 398, 493, 498; four semester hours of ensemble electives: MUSC 190, 191, 192, 290, or 291. During the final semester the student will perform a solo recital of no less than one-half hour. Explanation of ** is below:
  1. Areas of emphasis: voice, piano, organ, trumpet, French horn, trombone, tuba/euphonium, flute, clarinet, saxophone, oboe, bassoon, percussion, violin, viola, cello, string bass, guitar/electric bass, harp, and composition.
  2. Students with an emphasis in voice will take four semester hours of applied piano and six semester hours of applied voice.
  3. Students with an emphasis in piano will take nine semester hours of applied piano and one semester hour of applied voice.