Student Success​

​​Elise D​eCola

Communication/Broadcast Telecommunication

Emmy Award winner

Elise DeCola One day in the morning meeting, it was discussed that someone needed to court that day to wait for the results of two cases. I volunteered.

It was quite an interesting day.  I sat in on the sentencing of a man accused of murder and I also sat in on the verdict reading for another local murder case.  These cases were spread out throughout the day with the verdict being read in the morning and the sentencing in the afternoon. Before that day, I had never been in a courtroom with a prisoner before, so it was a little scary, but I was happy for the experience. 

After that I started to serve as assistant producer. This was great experience for me, but the producers were shuffled around and I ended up working with a new producer. Before long I found myself quite at home doing this work.

I had stories to write each day and the producer also pick out my own sound bites for stories and showed me how to use the video source program on the computer. 

The producer made me popular person at the station. She told her boss about my skills as an assistant producer, which eventually got me a meeting with the associate director of the station who promised me a good reference and even a good job after I graduated from school.