​​​Philosophy Points of Pride​​​​

Philosophy is one of the core liberal arts programs at the University of Findlay

Our identity and reason to be derives from that recognition. 

Every philosophy course is carefully designed to achieve the following over-arching goals:
  • To further the University’s mission to equip students for meaningful lives and productive careers
  • To further The College of Liberal Art’s mission to prepare students for lives of critical thinking, cultural awareness, and service
  • To offer students a broad-based foundation of knowledge and skills allowing them to become life-long learners as members of a profession as well as a global society
  • To help students cultivate self-knowledge, develop critical thinking skills, complement other specializations, and strengthen career preparation

​Student Success / Satisfaction​

Our success is measured by the satisfaction of our students (past and present). Exit surveys show that over the past ten years nearly 100 percent of all graduates in the program feel that they made a good choice to major (or minor) in philosophy.  They also agreed that it provided them with a foundation to become successful in their careers after graduation.

Experienced Teachers

Nearly all philosophy courses are taught by full-time, professors who have their doctorate degrees and a wealth of teaching experience. Friendly faculty engage in interactive learning, lively discussions and personalized instruction.

Practical Application

The philosophy program is responsive to the ever-changing global society. “Applied” philosophy and ethics apply ideas and principles to everyday situations whether it is related to education, business, law, public policy, health care or the environment.

Links with Other Disciplines

Philosophy courses count toward graduation requirements in eleven other programs such as religious studies, political science, and criminal justice, just to name a few.

Individual Attention and Curriculum Flexibility

Small classes make personal and meaningful classroom discussion and interaction possible. Program flexibility allows students to efficiently double-major to give additional value to your degree. Students have the opportunity to create an individualized program of study as well.


Here’s what some of our students have said:

  • There were various teaching methods used, a lot more than in any other class I have participated in.

  • The instructor was able to make everyone feel comfortable and feel like their opinion mattered.

  • This course opened my eyes to a lot of new things I never realized before. I now have a better understanding and appreciate how ethics, morality and the many other concepts we’ve learned about are very essential to everyday life and even more so in the world of technology.

  • The most enjoyable course personally I have ever taken.

  • Good application of materials to life experience.

  • The instructor takes an interest in people’s ideas and feelings.

  • A definite learning experience!

 Strong Alumni Network

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