​​Political science Job Outlook​

Graduates follow a variety of career paths upon leaving The University of Findlay.  The majority of students come into the program with the intent to pursue careers in government or law. 

For some, graduation at UF is a stepping stone to for law and/or graduate school.  This sets the stage for careers in areas such as:

  • Foreign affairs
  • National security agencies
  • Policy analysis
  • City management
  • Political positions
  • Government careers

Many students enter the workplace upon graduation.  Their analytical ability, communication skills and knowledge base are valued by business and industry as well as by governmental organizations.  ​

Salary is always an important consideration when it comes to selecting a career path.  The chart below provides the potential earnings for several different positions available to political science graduates:

Median Salary by Job - Degree: Bachelor of Arts (BA), Political Science (PolySci) (United States)Median Salary by Job
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