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PBAD205 Intro to Public Administration Y
This course covers the nature, scope, and function of modern American bureaucracy as applied to governmental operation, relationship of bureaucracy to the political process, and administrative law.
PBAD210 Municipal Administration
This course focuses on the study of management at the local level with special emphasis on the implications of interactions with various levels of government, decision-making processes, the potential effectiveness of various governmental arrangements, and the unique aspects of finance at the municipal level.
PBAD212 Fund of Comm and Economic Dvlpmt
Prerequisite: ECON 200 This course provides an introduction to the basic concepts, methods, and strategies of industrial, commercial, and community economic development. Topics include the government's role in business retention and expansion, marketing/business attraction, economic development finance, small business and entrepreneurship development, community/neighborhood development, real estate development and reuse, and workforce development. A special feature of the course will be an opportunity for "hands-on" experience, walking tours of business areas qualifying as economic development success stories. Course projects will allow students to gain an understanding of economic development issues in their own communities.
PBAD305 Public Policy
Prerequisites: ENGL 106, 107 or 206 This course provides a systematic study of public policy in selected areas with emphasis on roles of various participants, their contributions, and history. It includes an analysis of public policy-making in various social fields and its relationship to public budgeting with special emphasis on policy development, implementation, and review.
PBAD350 Administrative Law
Prerequisite: ENGL 106, 107 or 206 This course covers legislative, executive, and judicial controls of administrative actions with emphasis on judicial review of decisions of administrative agencies. The course will explore informal as well as formal controls over the actions of executive government in relation to citizen and corporate interests.
PBAD395 Internship in Public Administration
Prerequisites: ENGL 106, 107, or 206, permission of the instructor, minimum 2.75 GPA and have earned a minimum of 30 semester hours at The University of Findlay These are guided work-study experiences. Students have the possibility of internship experiences in Findlay, Hancock County and many of the surrounding communities and counties. Internships through The Washington Center may also be appropriate for public administration internship credit. This course will be graded S/U and may be repeated with a maximum of 15 semester hours applying toward a degree.
PBAD490 Topics in Public Administration
Prerequisite: ENGL 106, 107 or 206 This course is designed to allow for the consideration of relevant topics and issues in public administration. Possible topics include budgeting, personnel administration, and public policy analysis. May be repeated, if topic is different.