​​​​​Public R​​elations Student Approved​

Doug Jenkins

Broadcast Journalism 

Huntsville, OH

"I had the chance to run the campus radio station during my sophomore year and that early experience really paid off for me"

Brent Sleasman

Associate Professor of Communication Arts/Gannon University

Brent Sleasman Growing up, Brent was a member of the Indian Head (Pa.) Church of God and is the sixth member of the Sleasman clan to graduate from Findlay – a testament to the strong historical ties between the Church of God, General Conference (CGGC), and the college that was founded by the church 130 years ago.  

Brent graduated from UF with a bachelor of arts degree in speech and pursued a master’s of divinity degree at Winebrenner Theological Seminary. 

After leaving Findlay, Brent served in a number of church ministry and teaching positions while pursuing a doctor of philosophy degree at Duquesne University in rhetoric.

Brent had great experiences here at UF and said that his studies, “were the perfect preparation for what I am doing now – it could not have been better.” Currently, he is teaching public speaking, communication ethics and the philosophy of communications.  Brent is also is awaiting publication of his book about philosopher Albert Camus and communication ethics.

Nick Thompson

Public Relations Major​

​Nick has an optimistic outlook on his future; he's relieved knowing that his public relations degree will leave him with endless opportunities. During his last year at The University of Findlay, he's working with the Marketing & Communication Department on campus and has found it to be more than helpful​​​ in deciding ​his future career.PUBR Nick Thompson (1).JPG

​After class, Nick remains on campus. He ​routinely attends events held by various​ ​​​​​​student organizations. The diversity in a campus like ours is baffling to him and he says that "to be a part of it everyday and experience it is amazing."

To Nick, being an Oiler means there's always somebody there to help you. No matter what you're going through, whether it be an assignment, making life decisions, or being homesick, "​there's always help and you're not just going to be overlooked." During his UF experience he's found out that there's always someone willing to help you accomplish your goals.