​​religious studies points of pride​

We think the UF Religious Studies program distinguishes itself for many reasons, 

including the following:​

  • Professors who are respected teachers and scholars, and caring individuals
  • Small upper-level classes and seminars in which every student has the opportunity to participate
  • Flexible curriculum to meet student interests
  • One of the finest libraries in Religious Studies in the Midwest
  • Overseas travel opportunities in the Middle East and other places of religious significance around the world
  • A wide array of service learning opportunities, including internships in local churches
  • Excellent student placement in graduate schools, churches, and other public service careers
  • Small group meetings outside of class
  • A collaborative relationship with Winebrenner Seminary, a graduate school of theology that is located on campus
  • A robust relationship with the supporting denomination
  • Open dialogue for persons of all faiths