​​​​​Religious Studies Points of Pride​

We think the UF Religious Studies program distinguishes itself for many reasons, 

including the following:​

  • Professors who are respected teachers and scholars, and caring individuals
  • Small upper-level classes and seminars in which every student has the opportunity to participate
  • Flexible curriculum to meet student interests
  • One of the finest libraries in Religious Studies in the Midwest
  • Overseas travel opportunities in the Middle East and other places of religious significance around the world
  • A wide array of service learning opportunities, including internships in local churches
  • Excellent student placement in graduate schools, churches, and other public service careers
  • Small group meetings outside of class
  • A collaborative relationship with Winebrenner Seminary, a graduate school of theology that is located on campus
  • A robust relationship with the supporting denomination
  • Open dialogue for persons of all faiths

 Strong Alumni Network

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​A large alumni network with strong engagement. (click on the picture to enlarge)
This chart represents a snapshot of those who graduated from COLA and indicated where they reside.  If you are an alumni, we would love to stay connected. Click here to update us on where you are​.​