religious studies Student Approved​​

Audra Dundore 

Religious Studies Major  

Audra Dundore Since becoming a student at The University of Findlay, Audra Dundore’s plans have changed. Originally an education major, she is now a religious studies major. However, according to Audra, “Even though my original purpose for coming to Findlay has changed, I still feel like I belong here. The accepting friends and professors, along with the staff, make me feel very welcome.”

Audra has taken advantage of the many opportunities at The University of Findlay to be involved on campus. As a religious studies major, Audra has immersed herself in many on-campus religious activities, such as Thursday Night Live, a weekly ministry worship service; drama leader for Crossfire Ministries, a multi-campus monthly event; and Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). 

“FCA has been a blessing to my life as I feel like a part of the community. From the moment I stepped in the doors my freshman year, I was greeted with open arms and friendly faces. Through the activities FCA sponsors, I have been able to grow in my faith, not only as an individual, but also in a group setting with people to encourage, challenge and hold me accountable,” said Audra.

Audra Dundore

Audra also was involved with the First-Year Experience program. “Working as a peer mentor has been the source of so many good memories. I have been challenged to step into a leadership role, keeping in contact with the students and exhibiting skills important for a college career,” said Audra. “Without this program, I would not have had a chance to meet the incoming freshmen and interact with them at the level that I did." 

In addition to her academic endeavors and other activities, Audra also has branched out and worked as an Academic Technology Services student coach. Audra commented, “I have been blessed with a job that has taught me how to be professional and personable in dealing with others. Through my job, I have been encouraged and trained to create professional presentations and present them in a way so my audience can understand the information and take something with them. My exposure to technology through my job and course work helps to prepare me for my future endeavors as technology is growing in the work force.”

Audra reflected, “The University of Findlay was definitely a good choice. I would not change anything about my experience. I have had challenging courses that have taught me life skills in addition to preparing me for my career, made great friends and have had an array of opportunities to be involved on campus and in the community.”​