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​Course Number ​Title ​GE
SSCI188 First-Year Exp - Social Sciences Y
This course is designed to urge first-year students to explore selected topics within the social sciences. The content of the course will vary and will be determined by timely issues and developments within the field and by the special interests of students and faculty.
SSCI240 Power and the Social Sciences Y
This course is intended to be a survey course within the social sciences. Using the unifying theme of power as a social force, this course examines the factors and impact of power from a variety of social science perspectives: history, psychology, anthropology, sociology, economics, and politics. The theme of power also incoporates the discussion of gender, age, social class, race/ethnicity, and cross-cultureal issues.
SSCI270 Women and the Social Sciences Y
This course offers a survey of women's contributions and issues within the social science disciplines of psychology, sociology, history, anthropology, economics, and politics. While developing an appreciation of the interrelatedness of these disciplines, the student will also be introduced to the unique perspective each discipline offers on women's studies.
SSCI347 Research Methods in Health Sci.
Prerequisite(s): ENGL 106, 107, or 206, junior standing, and MATH 123 or permission of the instructor This course is an introductory analysis of methods, techniques, and procedures of scientific research. Relation of theory and research to applied issues in health sciences.