Study Abroad:

Spanish majors are required to participate in an immersion program (study abroad or some other immersion experience). Study abroad is a unique learning experience for any student of a foreign language.  The best way to become fluent is by living in the country, talking to native speakers and experiencing the culture.

Mexico Study Abroad Program:

The Spanish program has developed a semester-long study abroad program at the Universidad Internacional (the Center for Bilingual Multicultural Studies) of Cuernavaca, Mexico.  It is intended primarily for Spanish majors and minors.  It is a 13-week program with a nine-day mid-semester vacation after six weeks of instruction.


The Universidad Internacional is located in Cuernavaca, a beautiful city with historical sites to visit, study and explore.  It is 50 miles south of Mexico City and 200 miles from the famous beaches of Acapulco.  Students can look forward to pleasant weather year-round. The University The Universidad Internacional is a private higher education institution with a large population of international students from different countries.


In Cuernavaca, students are housed with Mexican families. Lodging, meals and transportation to and from the school are included.


Field trips to historical and archeological sites (Teotihuacan, Ciudad de Mexico, Xochicalco, Taxco) are arranged by the university.


There are several course equivalencies between The University of Findlay and the Universidad Internacional.  Equivalencies include Spanish 328 (Spanish American Culture), Spanish 400 (Conversational Topics), Spanish 346 (Spanish American Literature), Spanish 361 (Professional Communication II) and Spanish 499 (Internship/Study Abroad elective).  Other courses may be taken to meet general education requirements, electives in Spanish, or required courses for the Spanish minor.
Courses are taught by native Spanish speakers, and classroom study is conducted with no more than five students per course.  To see a description of the courses, visit the Web page: 


Students pay regular full-time tuition at The University of Findlay. It will cover tuition at the Universidad Internacional, room and board and administration fees.  Students are responsible for round-trip airfare, health insurance, excursions, ISIC card and personal expenses.  No institutional aids will be considered for the study abroad program.  According to Policy for Study Outside of the University of Findlay, students receive a 30 percent discount on the current full-time tuition rate and are responsible for 70 percent of the full-time rate.  The University will pay for study abroad costs up to 50 percent of the current full-time tuition rate.  Any expenses in excess of 50 percent of tuition will be the responsibility of the student.

TESOL/Spanish Major Internship in Peru

The Spanish program sponsors an internship program at the Centro Peruano Americano commonly known as "El Cultural" in Turjillo, Peru.  This program is intended primarily for TESOL Spanish majors.  


The internship program takes place in Trujillo, Peru, a coastal and pleasant city of approximately 800,000 people in the northern part of Peru.  It is around 340 miles away from Lima, the capital city of Peru. Educational Center El Cultural is a private educational center where American English is taught.  The American Embassy sponsors many cultural, musical and social activities.  For further information on El Cultural, see: 



The participants are hosted by Peruvian families.  Lodging and  meals are included. Internship Students spend six hours daily from Monday to Friday assisting and supporting EFL instructors and students.  They teach one or more classes and also participate in cultural and institutional activities.


Room and board are provided by El Cultural and the participants receive a monthly stipend of $300, equivalent to a Spanish teacher salary in any public Peruvian school.  Participants are responsible for internship tuition at The University of Findlay, round- trip airfare, transportation, health insurance, excursions and personal expenses.        

Professors from The University of Findlay can also participate in this program for a semester and receive a monthly stipend of $500.  Alternate arrangements can be made for a longer stay.  Further information may be obtained from Dr. Julia Perez-Gamboa (Office phone: 419-434-4695), director of the Spanish study abroad program.


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