​​​​​​Spanish Points of Pride​

Students enrolled in the University of Findlay's Spanish program are actively engaged in activities in and outside of the classroom and also in Spanish speaking countries. Students have the opportunity to:

  • Travel to the Universidad Cesar Vallejoin​ Trujillo, Peru; or Spain and Costa Rica for immersion experiences through course work, internships, excursions and homestays.
  • Share their study abroad experiences with the UF community on the Symposium for Scholarship and Creativity.
  • Attend conversation tables and tutoring sessions with native speakers of Spanish.   
  • Attend Hispanic dinners, Hispanic film discussions, workshops, and major and minor informative meetings, organized by faculty members.  
  • Participate in International Night with Hispanic country displays and performances along with their professors.

Students pursuing an education major in Spanish are offered opportunities to enter local elementary and high school classrooms throughout their college coursework.

Students have access to a large alumni network with strong engagement and connections.​

 Strong Alumni Network

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