​​Spanish Student Approved​​

​​Katharine Campbell

"I have loved the Spanish language and culture since I began studying it in high school. Continuing my Spanish studies at Findlay has helped me vastly improve my language proficiency, cultural knowledge and overall confidence in my second language. The Department of Language and Culture faculty truly care about their students and take an interest in their development as multilingual and multicultural individuals. I am grateful for the opportunities I've had while studying Spanish at UF, and I look forward to discovering how it will benefit me in the future."

Hanami Kanamaru

"Since I am a Japanese native speaker and had never studied Spanish until I entered the University of Findlay, it was a challenge for me to learn Spanish as my third language. However, thanks to the Spanish professors, I steadily improved over time. Becoming proficien​​​​​​​​t in three languages will be a great advantage for me during my job search and I am sure that studying abroad in Spain will help me to achieve my goals in life.​"

Renee Colaj Renee (Isaacs) Colaj
"Learning Spanish with my professors and my study abroad experiences has broadened my horizons. Speaking a new language and having knowledge of different cultures is fascinating."
Renee (Isaacs) Colaj, Spanish & TESOL double major.  Renee taught Spanish at Eaton High School in Ohio, and taught English at the University del Valle Altiplano, Solola, Guatemala.

Kaitlyn Kerzisnik

​​Kaitlyn Kerzisnik

"The Spanish courses I took at the University of Findlay helped me to achieve a level of fluency that I never knew was possible for a non-native speaker.  The small class sizes allowed for extra attention and the development of friendships between classmates.  All the professors encouraged me to study abroad, yet allowed me to make many choices during the process, leading to an experience which greatly improved my Spanish while suiting my needs and goals.  I would highly recommend studying Spanish at UF for anyone, no matter what level you start at or what your ultimate goal may be."