graduation requirements​

​​The Graduate TESOL program has deemed the following requirements necessary in order to graduate from the program.

Degree Requirements

The Master of Arts in TESOL and Bilingual Education requires 36 semester hours of course work. Twenty-four credits are required courses. In addition, students are required to take four elective courses for a total of twelve hours. No more than one course with a grade of “C+,” “C” or “C-” can be used to meet graduation requirements.

Required Courses

• Methods and Materials for the K-12 English Language Learner 3 hrs

• Methods/Materials for the Adult ESL Learner 3 hrs

• Linguistics for Teachers 3 hrs

• Human Development and Language Acquisition 3 hrs

Assessment Practices for English Language Learners 3 hrs

• English Grammar for the ESL/Bilingual Classroom 3 hrs

• Research Methods in Linguistics 3 hrs

• ESL Teaching Practicum or Culminating Course for the TESOL Master’s Program 1-3 hrs

Total 24 hrs

Service to the Community

Effective fall 2012 in accordance with The University of Findlay Graduate Policies all graduate students must complete at least one service to the community project during the duration of his/her graduate program in order to qualify for graduation.

The Master of Arts in TESOL/Bilingual Education has approved of the following Service Projects run within the MA TESOL/Bilingual Education Program (a minimum of one of the four options must be completed before graduation):

Option 1:  VB Language Club

Option 2:  IELP/TESOL Mentorship Program

Option 3:  IELP Tutoring Liaison

Option 4: Other

With documented completion of a community service project students will submit a 2-3 page reflection as documented proof of their service to the community which will contain: 1) a description of their service and signature of supervisor; 2) their role within the service project; 3) a reflection on their experiences within the project; and 4) a reflection of how this experience may impact their future careers.​​