2012-2013 academic calendar

Includes start/stop dates for standard semester, degree completion, and weekend college schedules. Subject to revision through January 1, 2012.


 August 13  Meetings for academic program directors and 
 department chairs
 August 14  President’s Breakfast and all-campus opening
 August 15  Fall faculty meeting and faculty development
 August 15  Residence halls open for students attending New
 Student Registration on August 16
 August 16  Final registration session for new students
 August 16  Residence halls open for new students who
 registered in summer
 August 17-18-19  New Student Orientation (Arch Ceremony on August 17)
 August 18  Residence halls open for upperclassmen
 August 20  Classes begin for standard semester session 
 August 20  Degree Completion Block I begins (i.e. online degree
 August 27  Last day to add a class or section for standard
 semester session
 September 3  Labor Day, no classes
 September 7-8-9  Fall Weekend College begins
 September 21-22-23  Fall Weekend College
 October 5-6-7  Fall Weekend College
 October 8-9  Mid Fall Recess: No classes for standard semester
 sections; degree completion continues online
 October 12  Degree Completion Block I ends
 October 16  Report grades less than “C” in standard semester
 session classes
 October 17  Degree Completion Block II begins
 October 19-20-21  Fall Weekend College
 October 31  Last day to withdraw from standard semester
 session  classes
 November 2-3-4  Fall Weekend College
 November 16-17-18  Fall Weekend College, final meetings of session
 November 21-25  Thanksgiving Recess (No classes) 
 December 7  Deadline for seniors to apply for May 2013
 December 7  Final class day for standard semester session
 December 10-13  Final exams for standard semester session   
 December 14  Degree Completion Block II ends
 December 15  Winter Graduation Conferral date (no ceremony)
 December 19  Final grades due for all sessions by 9 a.m.
 January 4-5-6  Winter Weekend College begins
 January 6  Residence Halls open
 January 7  Classes begin for standard semester session and
 Degree Completion Block I
 January 14  Last day to add a class or section for standard
 semester session
 January 21  Martin Luther King Day - no classes except for online
 degree completion
 January 18-19-20  Winter Weekend College
 February 1-2-3  Winter Weekend College
 February 15-16-17  Winter Weekend College
 March 1-2-3  Winter Weekend College
​ March 3 ​ Degree Completion Block I ends
​ March 4 ​ Degree Completion Block II begins
 March 4-8  Spring Break for standard semester session classes
 March 11  Report grades less than “C” in standard semester
 session  classes
 March 15-16-17  Winter Weekend College, final meetings of session
 March 25  Last day to withdraw from classes for standard
 semester  session classes
 March 29-April 1  Easter Holiday-No classes
​ April 5-6-7 ​ Spring Weekend College begins
 April 19-20-21  Spring Weekend College 
 April 26  Final class day for standard semester session
 April 26-27-28  Spring Weekend College
​ April 28   ​ Degree Completion Block II ends
 April 29-30-May 1-2  Final exams for standard semester session
 May 4  Undergraduate and Graduate Commencement
 May 8  Final grades due for standard semester and degree
 completion courses by 9 a.m.
 May 10-11-12  Spring Weekend College 
 May 24-25-26  Spring Weekend College
 June 7-8-9  Spring Weekend College, final meetings of session
 Graduate Classes Only
 May 6-31  Pre-session
 June 3-28  4 weeks I
 July 1-26  4 weeks II
 Degree Completion
 May 6-June 30  Degree Completion Summer Block I
 July 1-August 25 ​ Degree Completion Summer Block II
 Summer Day/Evening
 May 6-July 26  12 weeks 
 June 3-July 26  8 weeks
 May 6-June 14  6 weeks
 June 17-July 26  6 weeks
 Summer Weekend
 June 14-15-16            Summer Weekend
 June 21-22-23  Summer Weekend
 June 28-29-30  Summer Weekend
 July 12-13-14  Summer Weekend
 July 19-20-21  Summer Weekend
 July 26-27-28  Summer Weekend
 August 1         Summer Graduation Conferral Date (no ceremony)
Notes: Unless a holiday recess is identified for all sessions or for a specific session (i.e. standard semester, degree completion, or weekend college offerings), classes will be held as scheduled between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m.