SSC Committee Chairs

Committee Co-Chairs

Deborah George COHP,
Jean Weaver, COHP

College Deans:

  • Paul Sears, Dean of COB
  • Julie McIntosh, Dean of COE
  • Andrea Koepke, Dean of COHP
  • Ron Tulley, Dean of COLA
  • Debra Parker, Dean of CPHM
  • Jeff Frye, Dean of COS

College Representatives:

  • COB: Shiv Gupta & Jeremy Cripps
  • COE: Michael Scoles & Kim Forget
  • COHP: Robin Walters-Powell
  • COLA: Anne Beekman, Terri LaRocco, & Bonnie Sims
  • CPHM; Chadra Sekar & Sharon Ternullo
  • COS: Charles Norris, Kimberlee Hall & Helen Schneider

Additional Members:

  • Julie Borer [Prize Purchaser]
  • Kevin Collert [Development of SSC handbook]
  • Darin Fields, VP of Academic Affairs
  • Marie Louden-Hanes
  • Sherrie Osborne [Alumni Speaker packets]
  • Rebecca Quintus [Coordinator of Web]
  • Renee Schafer [Finances]
  • Sarah C. Tegtmeier [Student Representative]
  • Jill Vaughan [Meeting minutes]

Campus support:

  • Cheryl Breitigam [SODEXO]
  • Mike Edelbrock, Chair of Honors board [Assist with Easels]
  • Tom Kvale [UT-Assist with Easels]
  • Bev Roth [Facilities Scheduler]
  • Jack Taylor [Jazz Ensemble]
  • Tony Wenzinger [Copies]
  • Jay Canterbury [Bookstore-t-shirts]