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Poster Presentation Resources

Poster Design Workshop Recording, ATS University of Findlay
Poster Presentations, Eastern Kentucky University
Creating Effective Poster Presentations, North Caroline State University
Design of Scientific Posters, Penn State University

Poster Template 


UF 48x36 Poster Template.pptx


Poster Printing Services at UF

If you need your poster printed, UF can provide that service for you.



Popular sizes tend to be 36" x 24" or 48" x 36". Pricing for posters of this size:
  • A 36" x 24" poster costs will range anywhere from $12 - $28.50, depending on the ink coverage.
  • A​ 48" x 36" poster costs will range anywhere from $24 - $38.00, depending on the ink coverage.

To have your poster printed, simply fill out a poster print request form