Teaching Academy Workshops

Brown Bag Lunch Series

Each month, faculty and staff are invited to the TLTC at noon to join in the Teaching Academy’s Brown Bag Lunch Series. This series allows participants to share, explore, and celebrate best practices in teaching and learning on UF’s campus. Dessert and coffee are provided. 

Teaching Partners Program

The Teaching Partners Program provides new and veteran faculty with the opportunity to support one another in teaching and learning endeavors through classroom observations, discussions, and in-service meetings. The program began in Spring 2010 with a pilot group of three new faculty members. These three were partnered with veteran faculty in their own disciplines and then a faculty member outside their discipline to form a “teaching trio.” These trios observed one another’s classes, discussed teaching strategies, and then met monthly with other trio members to workshop on various teaching pedagogies. 


The Teaching Academy offers a number of workshops throughout the year. While these workshops are offered on a rotating basis each semester, they are also available by appointment.

Building and Evaluating Writing Assignments

Writing can be a critical mode of learning in any discipline. This workshop gives practical guidance in developing clear writing assignments and clear guidelines for both completing and assessing those writing assignments.

Crafting Learning Outcomes

What do our students learn in our courses? How do we know that they learn what we want them to learn? This workshop walks participants through the crafting of specific learning outcomes and then the aligning of those outcomes with course assignments.

Creating Effective Writing Assignments

Designing writing assignments and evaluating them can be a challenging task. Participants in this workshop will receive tips on how to best create and then communicate writing expectations to students. This workshop also includes information on dealing with plagiarism, documentation, and the grading of written assignments.

Create Your Own Performance Task Assignment

Best practices in teaching stress that students learn by “doing.” Join this workshop and develop a Performance Task for your course that challenges students to engage and actively participate in the learning process.


Extreme Makeover Course Revision Series

Have a course that needs retooling—or one that just isn’t achieving the results that you would like? This series of three workshops gives faculty the opportunity, guidance, and time to redesign an existing course or to create an entirely new course. 

How to Write Learning Outcomes

This workshop will offer useful means for determining and writing student learning outcomes at the course-level and integrating those outcomes with those on the program level. Practical and hands-on, this workshop is an excellent opportunity to retool or realign an existing course. It is also beneficial for those building a new course from the ground up.

Rubric Creation

Rubrics can be used for a variety of assignment, course, and program assessment means. This workshop introduces participants to different styles of rubrics as well as best practices in designing rubrics.

Syllabus Builder

Whether it is the creation of a new syllabus or the overhaul of an existing one, this workshop provides guidance, samples, and tips for creating the “perfect” syllabus.

Twenty Tips for Better Teaching

Teaching experts such as Ken Bain, Peter Filene, Wilbert McKeachie, and others have a wealth of advice to share when it comes to educating today’s college students. This workshop reviews their best teaching “tips” and discusses ways to better engage students in the learning process.