Who and What

  • “Retired”  
  •  “Aged 50 or older”  
  • “Craving intellectual stimulation”
  • “Wanting to meet new friends”
Do any of these phrases describe you? If so, the Senior Forum could be what you’re
looking for! This non-credit program has been running at The University of Findlay
since 1991. Aimed at those 50 or older, it is a flexible learning experience that allows
you to explore varied topics with expert presenters from the campus and the greater
community. Participate with your peers and meet new friends as a bonus!
Attend informative and entertaining sessions on four or six consecutive Wednesdays, either
in the fall or in the spring. Each Wednesday there is a morning session, a noon session,
and an afternoon session. You may attend any number of sessions—there is no
obligation to attend all sessions each day, although many people do.  You can sign up
for all sessions in the six weeks or pick and choose those you are interested in.
For pricing, please see brochure.
Note:  There is an “early registration” discount detailed in the brochure!
Home Office
The Senior Forum is housed in the Advancement Office, under the direction of Doris Salis, retired Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs.  It is co-sponsored by the Hancock County Senior Center.