Group Study Room Policy

  1. Only UF and Winebrenner students, faculty and staff may use the study rooms.
  2. Rooms are available on a first come, first served basis.  No reservations are allowed (except for Loyalty card program participants during finals).
  3. Study rooms are kept locked.  Students must check out a key at the Borrow Pick-Up Desk. A University ID or driver's license will be held at the Borrow Pick-Up Desk until the study room key is returned.
  4. The primary purpose of the group study rooms is to offer space for student groups ranging from 2 to 6 individuals to engage in group conversation or group study.
  5. There is a three-hour limit on the use of study rooms.  NO RENEWALS.
  6. Personal items or library materials should not be left unattended for any length of time, even with the door closed.  The library is not responsible for items left unattended in the library.
  7. Every effort should be made to ensure that other library users are not disturbed by the conversations in the group study room.
  8. Groups wishing to use the white board should only use library-approved dry erase markers.  Dry erase markers are available for checkout at the Borrow Pick-Up Desk.
  9. When a group finishes using a room, the room should be straightened.  Please discard any trash, clean the white board, and return all library furniture to its proper places.
  10. Lock room when you leave.
  11. The room key is NOT to leave the building. The room key must be returned to the Borrow Pick-Up desk.