Problems Accessing Databases

If you are having problems accessing the databases, report your problem to or call 419.434.4549. Please include as much of the following information as possible: 

  1. Which location were you at when using the computer? examples: work, home, public library, coffee shop or other
  2. Have you tried your same search in more than one location (examples: work and home) to determine whether the problem is limited to a particular location? It may be a firewall or security issue with a specific location.
  3. Which page did you start on? Examples are Shafer Library homepage, blackboard library tab OR provide the URL such as
  4. List all the links you clicked on to the point where you received an error message or encountered a problem. In other words, try to recreate your steps as best as you can for us so that we can repeat the same steps ourselves to determine if it's an isolated or bigger problem.
  5. Provide the complete text of any error message you received or describe the problem in detail.
  6. Information you receive when you click here. We are especially interested in your browser information (which browser, what version).