President's Society FAQ

Q. What is the President's Leadership Giving Society?

A. The President's Society is the University of Findlay’s donor appreciation society. It was established to thank and recognize our leadership annual gift donors through a series of special events, exclusive communications and connection to the university leadership and other donors.

Q. Who joins the President's Society?

A. Membership is extended to donors who make gifts of $1,000 or more. Matching gifts from a corporation, foundation, or organization designated in your name also count toward recognition as a President's Society member.

Q. What benefits are available to members of the President's Society?

A. President's Society receive special donor courtesies in recognition of their generosity. They are invited each year to meet renowned university scholars, special guests, and university leaders as well as other influential community members. 

Q. When does my membership take effect? When do I need to renew my gift?

A. Your membership takes effect on the day your cumulative annual giving reaches the President's Society level (see above). You must renew your gift each fiscal year to maintain membership.

Q. My spouse/partner and I donate jointly to the university. Which one of us is a member of the President's Society?

A. You both are! President's Society membership is extended to both spouses and partners when one or both individuals reach a cumulative President's Society giving level.

Q. I have made a planned gift (bequest etc.) to the university and am a member of the CT Fox Society. How does that differ from the President's Society?

A. Named for Charles T. Fox, first dean of Findlay College and twice acting president, faculty member, teacher and pastor, the Charles T. Fox Society was established in 1982 to recognize and honor those individuals, during their lifetimes, who continue Dean Fox’s tradition of service by making provisions to assist future generations of The University of Findlay students and faculty through deferred gifts.