A Robust Operating Environment

Each year, the University relies on the generosity of its supporters to help strengthen the student experience by providing operating fund gifts. Among other things, these operating fund gifts help provide financial aid to approximately 88 percent of the student body and support faculty research and professional development, while funding campus improvements, technology upgrades and library enhancements. The availability of cash to help fund these important activities and programs helps to keep tuition and fees low and our quality education affordable to worthy students.

At Findlay, we are fortunate that thousands of alumni, friends, faculty and staff members contribute cash gifts to the University each year to help cover our operating expenses. Much of these funds come through the phonathon calling program, in which our students connect with donors on a personal, one-to-one basis. Other operating gifts come through periodic mail solicitations that reach supporters who otherwise may not be engaged. These mailings also afford the opportunity to inform donors about progress and achievement being realized at the University.

Donors can choose to make their annual operating gifts unrestricted or restricted, as follows:
  • Operating gifts to the UF Fund are entirely unrestricted and the University uses these gifts in accordance with the interests of the institution.
  • Annual cash scholarships can be used to provide cash support to students. With this kind of scholarship, the entire gift can be used each year and replenished annually for as long as the donor wishes.
  • Undergraduate and graduate cash research awards can likewise be made to support short-term research projects by faculty with the assistance of undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Cash stipends for graduate assistants can be used to provide assistance to faculty for teaching and/or research support.
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