athlete and scientist!

Football Scholarship Brought Him to UF


Phil Lucas is a no-nonsense assistant professor of criminal justice and forensic science who has helped create and guide UF's forensic science major since its inception in 2005. He brings 30 years of first-hand law enforcement and crime investigation experience to the classroom and is committed to his students’ success. A review of the program’s core curriculum underscores what Lucas says: a major in the program 

I loved my Findlay experience and would give anything to be able to go back and take some more courses!

requires a minimum of two mathematics courses, nine biology courses, nine chemistry courses, and four physics courses. But students must also take courses in speech, communication, argumentation and debate as well because they will likely be required someday to present and defend their work in criminal trial courtrooms. Lucas speaks with pride of the graduates of the program, and points to one, in particular, as an example of the type of student they seek to prepare and graduate. 


Brian Grabowski is a native of Richmond, Michigan, graduated in December 2008 with a B.S. degree in forensic science (DNA/Serology). He came to Findlay on a football scholarship and now works for the Michigan State Police in Sterling Heights. He has been trained to use the Integrated Ballistics Identification System that uses electronic and optical technology to compare crime-specific evidence with information stored in national databases with the purpose of linking the evidence to other crimes or to individuals. 

“You have to look at every piece of evidence,” Grabowski said, “and the chances of us not finding anything on a group of bullets is slim.” 

Grabowski was hired right out of college and was selected from among hundreds of applicants, according to his supervisor, Lt. Brian Bergeron. “Grabowski received very high scores during his interview,” Bergeron said. “He had excellent academic credentials, was well spoken, and provided sound answers to the interview panel. He has lived up to all of our expectations.” 

Grabowski has also been trained as an evidence technician and is a member of the crime scene response team. He said that the academic preparation he received at The University of Findlay has prepared him to move in many different directions as his career develops. “I loved my Findlay experience and I would give anything to be able to go back and take some more courses,” Grabowski said. “I wouldn’t have changed anything about it.”