21 Ways to Succeed in College

For many students, going away to college marks the first time they are own their own.

Successful students learn how to make the most out of their college experience. Here is a list of 21 things your student can do to make sure enjoy college and graduate ready to take the next step in their life.

  1. Find one individual at UF, either a faculty member and/or staff member who you will grow to know and feel comfortable with.     

  2. Learn what helping resources your campus offers and where they are located.     

  3. Understand why you are in college.     

  4. Set up a daily schedule and stick to it.     

  5. If you’re attending classes full time (12-15 hours per semester), don’t work more than 20 hours a week.        

  6. Assess and improve your study habits.     

  7. Know how to use your campus library.     

  8. Try to enhance your writing skills.     

  9. Develop critical thinking skills.     

  10. Find a great academic adviser.     

  11. Make one or two close friends among your peers.    

  12. Be assertive and ask questions.     

  13. Get involved in campus activities.     

  14. Take your health seriously.     

  15. If you can’t avoid stress, learn how to defuse it.     

  16. Show up to class.     

  17. Remember that you are not alone.

  18. Learn to appreciate yourself more.

  19. Try to have realistic expectations.

  20. Visit the Office of Career Services

  21. Have fun!

     *Taken from Your College Experience:  Strategies for Success, 1992.  Edited by John N. Gardner​