When Should Your Student Visit the Center for Career & Professional Development?​

​At any time in a student's college career, he or she can find something to improve upon regarding professional development and preparation. Between the classes and the studying and the extracurriculars, students should think about what they plan to do after they graduate, and it's never too early to do so. It might seem like an intimidating idea for a freshman to think about, and it might feel unnecessary for an upperclassman to seek assistance with, but UF's Center for Career & Professional Development​ is an important place for a student at any level to find assistance with guiding them through the many avenues of professional development. With their knowledgeable and skilled staff, the CCPD can help with anything from resume-building to mock interviews and all that comes in between, and this includes during the summer months! The office is available all year long!


Start early: 

Visiting the CCPD as a freshman helps students to develop a rapport with the center and makes the student more comfortable with the process as it moves along from semester to semester, year to year. It's not out of the ordinary for the knowledgeable and helpful staff at CCPD to discuss with students career options within a selected major or even to talk about and help with picking a major. The CCPD is a valuable tool for even the greenest student, and creating a resume, cover letter, or personal brand, as well as getting involved with workshops, job fairs, and other events early will help your child to ultimately know what it takes to be employable.


Sophomore year: 

It's all about building on the foundation your child began creating as a first-year student. As your student grows in his or her academic life, so should they progress in the way of their marketability to employers. Starting to work toward an internship as a junior or senior is an important part of the second year of college, and CCPD is fully equipped to assist. They can help your child to narrow down possible companies with whom they would like to be involved, and progress toward an updated resume and cover letter, aid in performing mock interviews and even, if necessary, give advice on wardrobe choices for professional interviews with their specific choices.



It becomes particularly important, as students move into their junior and senior years, to really begin thinking about post-graduation plans and preparations, and not just with things like resumes and attire, but ideas and concepts like networking and professional etiquette. Taking active steps toward whatever goals your student has set, whether they include entering the workforce, attending graduate school or something else is necessary to help meet the goals upon graduation, and meeting those goals with the right temperament and professional ethics makes a world of difference. And, you guessed it, the CCPD can help.     


What you can do: 

As important as it is for your student to take advantage of UF's Center for Career and Professional Development Services, it can be of equal benefit for you, as a parent, to act as an advocate for the center and its resources. Check out the website yourself, call the office and speak to a member of the staff and encourage your child to visit. Remember, these services are all included in the price of tuition, so nudging your child to make a visit to the center is a beneficial idea for all involved! ​


So, when is a good time for your child to visit the CCPD? As soon as they get here until they graduate, during the summer break, and even after they graduate!  As an alum of UF, your child will always be eligible for services, free of charge! 

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