​At The University of Findlay, student-athletes will be provided with the opportunity and encouraged to progress towards a degree of their choice, in an environment consistent with high standards of academic scholarship, sportsmanship, leadership and institutional loyalty. Participants in intercollegiate athletics at The University of Findlay must be enrolled in at least a minimum full-time program of studies, be in good academic standing and maintain satisfactory progress toward a baccalaureate or masters degree with the expectation of graduation.
It is recognized that The University of Findlay intercollegiate program:

  1. Is an important part of a well-rounded university dedicated to the service of a broad range of student, faculty, and public interests.
  2. Fosters pride in the university among faculty, students and citizens of Ohio.
  3. Can and should develop character, maturity and a sense of fair play in its student-athletes.
  4. Is committed to equitable opportunities for all student-athletes and staff, including women and minorities.