Budget Review

Budget Review Instructions

The budget review option is available on the CARS system.  You can access budget review from the (U) Utility Menu, (j) Financial Information with the password "oilers," and (a) Budget Review.

You will need to select a fiscal year and your printer. 

The computer will bring you in at a Query Mode. Simply select Fd "10", your cost center number, and push the execute key. Your budget will display today's information. This information will change as data is entered throughout the day. Your requisitions should be entered into the system one to two days after being received in the Business Office.

There are several options at the top of the screen. You need to arrow to the right to display three more options. When selecting an option, you could push the highlighted letter, or arrow to the desired option and push the enter key. The "Help" option will explain the other options in detail.

If you want to review restricted projects, hit the review option and select Fd "11", leave the cntr and acct "blank", enter the proj "#", and push the execute key. The budgetary total in the ACT column is the balance of your restricted project, and yes a negative balance is a good balance.

If you have any questions, please call Dane Erford at 419-434-4524 or Mary Huber at 419-434-4505.