​Room and Board Refund Policy​​

Before any charges will be refunded, a student must officially check out of his/her room. To officially check out, a student must contact a Residence Life staff member to schedule a check-out time, sign a room condition form after the staff member inspects the room, return all keys and remove all personal belongings from the room. ROOM and BOARD charges are refunded according to the following schedule.  (Calendar week is defined as Sunday through Saturday.)

Room and Board Refund Rates​
Check out during the first calendar week​ ​90 %
​Check out during the second calendar week ​75 %
​Check out during the third calendar week
​60 %
​Check out during the fourth calendar week
​45 %
​Check out during the fifth calendar week ​30 %
​Check out during the sixth calendar week ​15 %
​Check out after the sixth calendar week ​0 %

If a student is dismissed or suspended for disciplinary reasons, no cancellation of charges will be made regardless of the time the dismissal takes place.