FGCI Action Groups - Food

Generate minimal waste and provide food in environmentally responsible containers.

Current projects:
In Henderson Dining Hall:
•    now using napkins made out of recycled paper and napkin holders made
      out of recycled materials
•    chemicals used for dish machine-and their packaging-are more
•    every Tuesday during FA08 will be “Trayless Tuesday” accompanied by
      an educational campaign about how dining without trays saves food,
      water and energy

In the Cave:
•    more lights being shut off during “closed” periods
•    coffee served at Jazzman’s Café is Rainforest Certified and Fair Trade
      (Use your Jazzman’s Café tumbler for coffee discounts!)

Upcoming projects:
•    an educational campaign on food waste
•    more recycling efforts
•    continued student focus groups to get feedback about campus food

Contact person: Diana Montague, ext 4623 montague@findlay.edu