FGCI Action Groups - Waste Management

Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle

Current projects:

Projects revolve around reduction of waste and more efficient reuse of materials and better ultimate disposal of waste when disposal is the only option available.

The first project is the recycling of drink bottles on campus. This includes the placement of recycling containers around campus, changing of drink containers to more recycle friendly containers (i.e., from plastic to aluminum cans) and the over all reduction of waste generated and taken out for disposal.

Other projects that have been discussed but have not been started due to lack of project managers for them include:


  • paper recycling
  • reduction in use of printer and copier paper on campus
  • reduction in the use of plastic bags on campus
  • increase the use of reusable bags (or book bags) at stores on campus
  • increase use of reusable coffee mugs at coffee shops on and near campus
  • examine the use of de-icing chemical during the winter months, (does excess chemical cause problems)


Contact people:

 Mike Shaffer
ext. 5513
Crystal Weitz
ext. 6671