​Graduate Charges​​​​​

Graduate Tuition 2016-2017
​M.A. Education

$493 per sem hr

​Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)$514 per sem hr​
M.A. ​TESOL$493 per sem hr​
​M.A. Rhetoric/Writing$499 per sem hr​
M.B.A. Program$658 per sem hr
M.S. in Environmental, Safety and Health Management$627 per sem hr
​M.S. Health Informatics $751 per sem hr
M.S. in Applied Security and Analytics $710 per sem hr​
Master of Athletic Training $861 per se​m hr
​Master of Occupational Therapy $861 per sem hr
​Doctor of Physical Therapy $861 per sem hr
Master of ​Physician Assistant $926 per sem hr
Doctor of Pharmacy
     ​Pharmacy (12-18 hours)
     Pharmacy (less than 12 hours)

     Pharmacy (in excess of 18 hours)
$20,432 per sem   
$1,405 per sem hr
$1,405 per sem hr
​Graduate Education Workshop$150 per sem hr​
​Audit (All course and general fees apply to audit courses)​$50 per sem hr
Other Charges &  Fees 
General Service Fee - 9 or less hrs (non-refundable)
General Service Fee - more than 9 hrs (non-refundable)
$40 per sem hr
$383 per session
Student Activity Fee - 6 or more hrs (non-refundable)$35 per session
​Directed Study/Independent Study Fee (non-fundable)​$100 per student per session
​Official Transcripts​$6 per transaction

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