​​Ordering a 3D Print

​Current faculty, staff, and students can request prints from the ITS 3D printers. We either need you to send us the link to the item you want printed, or we can accept .STL files if you’re making your own design. ITS charges for the cost of materials plus $0.25/hour print time; we don't charge for the design. Fill out the online order form.

​Please keep in mind that some objects will require a support structure to be printed in order to retain integrity of the structure; the cost of printing the supports will be included with the cost of the object, as extra plastic is used when printing with supports.

When your print is done, you will be given the print (with support structures if any were required). Pliers will easily remove the support structure. If you want to smoothen your print, tools such as sandpaper can help. The user will be given the item as is when removed from the pri​nter. ITS is not responsible for the removal of support structures or any finishes on the product. 

If you have questions, contact the Help Desk.