​Guiding Principles​

Definitions of Terms Used in this Document

Information Technology (IT): Any computer, telephony equipment, netwo​rk equipment, peripheral, storage device or data file. 

​Community: Any UF employee, student or authorized guest. 

User: Any person using any IT equipment or service, either locally or remotely. 

I. Guiding Pr​inciples 

A. What The University of Findlay Provides and Why 

The University of Findlay provides access to a broad range of computing and network resources to members of the university community. These IT resources are in support of its mission to continuously improve student understanding and capabilities that lead to meaningful lives and productive careers. These resources are intended for university-related purposes, including direct and indirect support of the university’s instructional, research and service missions; university administrative functions; student and campus life activities; and the free exchange of ideas among members of the UF community and between the community and the wider local, national and global communities. 

B. Rights, Privileges, and Responsibilities Associated with Campus Network and Computing Resources

The rights of academic freedom and freedom of expression apply to the use of university network resources. This philosophy is based on the belief that information has its greatest value when shared appropriately. Used appropriately, computing and network resources maintain and enhance the university’s mission; used inappropriately, computing and network services can be used to break laws or infringe on the rights and beliefs of others. Thus, the rights of access to The University of Findlay’s network resources are balanced by the responsibilities and limitations associated with those rights. 

The privilege of access to The University of Findlay’s network resources is conditioned on acceptance of the responsibilities and limitations associated with the Acceptable Use Policy. Users are bound by the terms of this policy whenever they utilize computing or network resources of The University of Findlay.  

The use of UF’s network resources, like the use of any other university-provided resource and like any other university-related activity, is subject to university policies and all requirements of legal and ethical behavior within the UF community. Thus, conduct that is illegal or inappropriate in the physical world or a violation of university policy is illegal, inappropriate, or a violation when conducted online. Uses of computers or network resources are not necessarily legitimate just because they are technically possible. 

C. Applicability 

This policy applies to all users of UF’s computing and network resources, whether affiliated with the university or not, whether the use or access itself is authorized or unauthorized, and to all uses of those resources, whether on campus or from remote locations, including those conducted over wireless networks.