​Policy on Faculty Access to Student Computer Files​

​Faculty members may have access to a student file if the student specifically requests their assistance and grants access to the file. Faculty members may also have access to academic course-related files created by a student only if all of the following conditions are met: 

1. The file or files are related to the course requirements of the particular course taught by the faculty member, and the student is registered for that course; 
2. The faculty member announces, in advance of the access, when that access to the files meeting Condition 1 will occur; 
3. The student specifically grants permission and access to the faculty member for those files that meet Condition 1 with the student understanding that not granting permission and access to the files to be reviewed could have an impact on his/her grades;
4. The faculty member will only access programming or programming-related files meeting the above conditions for the purpose of grading or monitoring the student's progress in the course, testing course work software to ensure it functions properly or assist in determining why it malfunctions and maintaining a dialogue with the student relative to the student's progress in the course. 

Access to student files created by students at any correctional facility must be done within the confines of each institution and may be limited or changed after mutual agreement has been reached by the Chief Information Officer, the Vice President of Academics and the Director of Correctional Education Programs.​