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​Labs & Technology Enhanced Classrooms 

Labs and Technology Enhanced Classrooms enable instructors, as well as students, to access tools and resources available beyond the traditional classroom. Technology Enhanced Classrooms provide the equipment and tools for a broader learning experience to actively engage the audience.  These classrooms provide instructors with a variety of tools, enabling them to impact students in ways never before possible.  The university currently supports 126 labs and technology enhanced classrooms on campus.   

Technology Open Arena

Open Arena (our beginning of the Fall semester support event) will be dedicated to those who need assistance connecting to the network.  If you have any questions regarding this information please contact Technology Support Services at 419-434-4357 (HELP) or send an e-mail to Technology Support Services. ​

Microsoft Campus Agreement

The University of Findlay is currently under a Microsoft Campus Agreement (MCA) participating in the Student Advantage program.  Through this, registered students can access specific Microsoft software products to be used on a personally owned computer or mobile device. Registered students are encouraged to learn more about the free software available via the Microsoft Student Advantage program.

You will be required to login using your UFnet account username and password.


The Blackboard learning management system, UF Online​, delivers and enhances both online and onsite courses.  The use of Blackboard has also been extended into other areas of University life for students, faculty and staff.​  

Registering Your Smartphone and Gaming Devices

Smart Phones, PDAs, DVRs, TVs, and Gaming Consoles may be registered with the Network Access System and connected to the UF network and Internet.

Click here for instructions on connecting mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Click here to register gaming systems or other networked devices. These devices must be registered from another computer while on-campus. Click here for instructions.

If you have any issues registering your device, please copy down the Hardware/MAC Address of your device connection and please contact Technology Support Services(TSS) at x4357 for assistance.  

To register your computer, please click here.

You will be required to login using your UFnet account username and password.​​​