How to connect Windows and Other mobile devices to guest wireless​

How to connect to the new guest wireless system using Windows or any mobile device.


1.       Connect to ufindlay-guest wireless network

network pic.png

2.       Open a browser, it will automatically redirect you to a registration page.

Reg Page.png

3.       Please provide the requested registration

4.       Check the box to accept the Terms of Use

5.       Click Register

6.       A page will be displayed with your temporary “good for 24 hours” username and password.  Those credentials will also be emailed to the provided email address.

acct details.png

7.       Click Log In

8.       After the login process is complete, your browser will automatically be redirected to The University of Findlay home page. 

9.       You are now ready to use the Guest Wireless System.

If you end your wireless session for any reason, please click on the “Sign In” link on the bottom of the registration page and enter the credentials provided to you in upon initial registration.