​​​Visual Style Guide Introduction​

It is vital to elevate the University’s presence that we speak with one “voice” that consistently positions the University as one of the best private schools in the Midwest. This message is not only delivered by the words we say but also by the visual language we use. A visual identity is more than a logo. It’s all the graphic elements we use to tell the University’s story. The following visual style guide provides the tools needed to communicate as one university. Amplifying the impact of the university’s brand in a highly competitive marketplace. 

Please follow the links below for usage guidelines and downloadable versions of the University's official logos.

Brand Structure Overview
Level 1: Primary Logos

Level 1 Academic

Academic Logo

The University of Findlay logo is the primary means by which we are recognized. This mark is to be used when representing the University in all non-athletic references. 

Level 1 Seal

University Seal

The university seal is reserved for the Office of the President, the Board of Trustees and official university awards, recognition and documents like transcripts, diplomas and acceptance letters.

Level 1 Athletics

Athletic Logo

Use of the athletic logo is limited to sports teams, athletic marketing communications, and trademarked merchandise.

Level 2: Secondary Logos

Level 2 Academic Secondary Logo

Secondary Academic Logos

The secondary academic logos are a way for colleges, academic programs, offices, and departments to identify themselves in marketing materials while still representing the University as a whole.

Level 2 Athletic Secondary Logo

Secondary Athletic Logos

The secondary athletic logos are a way for athletic teams to identify themselves in marketing materials while still representing the University as a whole.

Level 3: Organizational Logos

Level 3 Organizational Logos 

Organizations within the University are permitted to create a custom logo that better represents them while still staying within the visual family of university marks. The marks must use one or more of the following in the design: an official font, color or the oil derrick.

Level 4: Affiliate Logos

Mazza Museum Logo

Institutions affiliated with the University that compete in the marketplace with other outside institutions are permitted to create custom logos and identities outside of the university graphic standards. Approval of affiliate level marks must be determined by the Office of Marketing and Communication.