"Go for it. It was an amazing experience. You do a lot of things that you wouldn’t normally do, which is kind of scary at first, but after you do it, you just feel really good about yourself. You feel more confident like you can do anything. I would definitely encourage anyone to go."
--​Heather Patel, Findlay Graduate Student

"Studying abroad is the most rewarding experience I’ve ever had. I have seen and experienced things by the age of 23 that some people will never see in their lifetime. If you ever have the opportunity, you have to go because you’ll discover more about yourself than you ever knew."
--Becky Lewis, Findlay Graduate Student
"Learning from this experience will give me the confidence and know-how that I will need to succeed in this globally interconnected world that awaits me post-graduation. Utilizing my language skills and cultural observations acquired this year, I will be more prepared for entrance into the job market."
--Padraic Stanley, Findlay student who studied in Salamanca and Spain