​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Orientation Service Project​​

Every August the University of Findlay welcomes new Oilers to campus.  New students are welcomed to campus through many activities during orientation weekend.

The Orientation Service Project takes place the Saturday of orientation weekend, and students, faculty, staff, upperclassmen, and alumni work alongside each other for an “Oiler Experience” in helping those in need. Each year, over 500 volunteers serve at over 50 projects in our local community, helping with needed community projects such as painting, cleaning, mulching, picking up trash along the river, visiting with residents of local nursing homes, and more! 

The service projects provide an opportunity for students to not only accomplish something for the greater good, but also to meet new friends, become acquainted with faculty and staff, and become more familiar with off-campus areas of the community. Over the past 15 years, 29,000 hours of service have been given to the local community by our first-year students. This service day is one of the long-standing traditions at UF.

First-Year Student Responses to the Question: “What was the best part of the orientation service project?"


“Being able to help the community after only being here a short time."


“Meeting new classmates. Also, it helped to distract you from all the new changes as a college student."

Community Partner Responses to the Question: “What was the best part of the orientation service project?"

“The students accomplished a lot for one of our programs and they were very interactive."


“Getting to know the students, their hometowns, their field of study and their aspirations. They were fun to be with and were very good workers!"

For more information about the Orientation Service Project and how you can get involved please contact Crystal Weitz at 419-434-6671 or at [email protected].​