​​​​Service-Learning Courses ​

Academic service-learning courses are offered in multiple colleges at Findlay. The below academic service-learning courses were reported from the following colleges:

College of Education

EDUC 423: Assessment/Diagnosis of Reading Difficulties​
EDUC 515: The Art of Picture Books​

College of Health Professions

GERN 425: Gerontology Ethics
HEPR 150: Introduction to Health Professions
NMED 487: Nuclear Medicine Capstone
OCTH 321: Professional Relationships In Context
PHTH 545: Lifespan Development
PHTH 604: Neurotherapeutics​
PHTH 727: Neuromuscular System II
PHTH 739: Selected Topics Advanced Pediatric

College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences​

ACAD 190: Experiencing the Liberal Arts First-Year Seminar
ART 205: Introduction to Digital Design
ART 250: Typography
ART 305: Graphic Design
ART 405: A​dvanced Graphic Design
COMM 341: PR Campaigns
RELI 101: Introduction to Religion​

College of Pharmacy

PHAR 350: Introduction to Pharmacy I
PHAR 492: Intermediate Pharmacy Practice Experience II
PHAR 591: Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience V

College of Sciences

ANSC 110: First-Year Experience for Animal Science Majors
EQST 103: Introduction to Equine-Assisted Activities and Therapies

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