​​​​Fire Safety Report

Name of Facility
Street Address
Fire Alarm Monitoring by Campus Police
Partial Sprinkler System
Spri​nkler System
Smoke Detectors
Fire Extinguishers
Evacuation Plans and Placards
Number of Fire Drills Done Each Year
Bare Hall1133 North CoryX
Deming Hall225 FrazerX  
Fox Hall206 CollegeX  XXX2
Lovett Hall201 FrazerX  XXX2
Morey Hall1129 North CoryX
Myers Hall1115 North CoryX  XXX2
UF Haven425 Frazer​X XXXX2
UF Village424 FrazerX XXXX2
Townhouses 1/2314 Defiance   XXX2
Townhouses 3/4316 Defiance   XXX2
Townhouses 15-19344 Defiance   XXX2
Townhouses 5-14330 Defiance   XXX2
Cottages 1-21427 CollegeX XXXX2
Intl Welcome House400 College   XXX2
Group House 3443 College   XXX2
Group House 10312 Defiance   XXX2
Group House 11320 Defiance   XXX2
Group House 12326 Defiance   XXX2
Group House 13328 Defiance   XXX2
Group House 14332 Defiance   XXX2
Group House 15138 Foulke   XXX2
Group House 16201 Foulke   XXX2
Group House 17203 Foulke   XXX2
Group House 18205 Foulke   XXX2
Group House 20261 Foulke   XXX2
Group House 21317 Frazer   XXX2
Group House 22320 Frazer   XXX2
Group House 23332 Frazer   XXX2
Group House 24400 Frazer   XXX2
Group House 25415 Frazer   XXX2
Greek House 1300 Howard   XXX2
Group House 26306 Howard   XXX2
Group House 43308 Howard   XXX2
Group House 27309 Howard   XXX2
Greek House 2314 Howard   XXX2
Group House 28315 Howard  XXXX2
Group House 29316 Howard   XXX2
Group House 30319 Howard   XXX2
Group House 31320 Howard   XXX2
Group House 32323 Howard   XXX2
Group House 33324 Howard   XXX2
Group House 34328 Howard   XXX2
Group House 35332 Howard   XXX2
Greek House 4336 Howard   XXX2
Group House 36340 Howard   XXX2
Group House 44342 Howard   XXX2
Group House 38420 Howard   XXX2
Group House 39438 Howard   XXX2
Intl Welcome House 3402 College   XXX2
Intl Welcome House 4416 College   XXX2
Group House 42146 Foulke   XXX2
Oiler Pointe 1-4341 Foulke   XXX2
Oiler Pointe 5-101315 Morey   XXX2
Derricks Square 1806 Morey   XXX2
Derricks Square 2808 Morey   XXX2
Derricks Square 3810 Morey   XXX2
Derricks Square 4812 Morey   XXX2
Derricks Square 5814 Morey   XXX2
Derricks Square 6816 Morey   XXX2
Derricks Square 7809 Morey   XXX2
Derricks Square 8811 Morey   XXX2
Reduced Rate 1238 Foulke   XXX2
Reduced Rate 2246 Foulke   XXX2
NMI 1209 Foulke   XXX2
NMI 2230 Foulke   XXX2
NMI 3257 Foulke   XXX2
Group House 43333 Frazer   XXX2
NMI 41324 Morey   XXX2
NMI 5127 Trenton   XXX2
NMI6131 Trenton   XXX2
Group House 45328 Frazer   XXX2
Reduced Rate 31410 North Cory   XXX2
NMI 7137 Trenton   XXX2
NMI 8323 Trenton   XXX2
NMI 9327 Trenton   XXX2
NMI 10333 Trenton   XXX2​
​Fullbright House
​428 College
​Group House 46
​333 Howard
OC3 House
​407 Davis
​Group House 47
​1316 Cory
​Group House 48
​132 Foulke

​340 Foulke
​Group House 49
​316 Frazer
Group House 50​
​340 Frazer
​Group House 51
​518 Frazer
Group House 52​​
​414 Howard