​​​​Student Engagement​

​​Creating positive and impactful experiences for students.

The Division of Student Affairs is comprised of four areas: student success, student engagement, student life, and student safety & wellness. The offices and services within the area of student engagement help students create an impactful and positive experience during their time at the University of Findlay. Read more about the offices and services within the area of student engagement below.​

Buford Center

​The Buford Center actively promotes a welcoming and supportive environment for the entire campus community. Offices housed within the Buford Center include Intercultural Student Services, International Education, Service, and Community Engagement. ​

Intercultural Student Services

The Office of Intercultural Student Services' mission is to foster an inclusive and welcoming campus environment that respects and acknowledges diversity in all of its forms. We provide advocacy, support services, and culturally-based programs to help increase multicultural competence and educate our student body on the value of diversity. We are committed to enriching the overall quality of life for our underrepresented students by cultivating their personal and academic achievement, leadership, social development, and civic engagement.​

International Education

Education is about more than going to classes. At the University of Findlay, ​we strive to provide students with transformative experiences that lead to an international perspective and a deeper cultural understanding of the world. Findlay's Office of International Education is to prepare those in the university community to be successful members of the diverse, interconnected world of the 21st-century through study abroad, ​scholarships, and campus events.

Service and Community Engagement

​The Office of Service and Community Engagement links the University of Findlay to the local community through mutually beneficial service projects. We believe that the process known as Service-Learning will benefit the individual as well as the community in lasting ways.​

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