​High tech machine Is a Hit with Student

100 plus drink choice Coca-Cola Freestyle dispenser

The University of Findlay students welcomed the most latest beverage technology , the Coca-cola Freestyle machine.

Henderson Dining Hall and The Cave now offer over 100+ drink choices from one machine.
The sleek, stylish new fountains are touch screen operated, enabling people to select from more than 100 regular and low-calorie brands – including many varieties of waters, sports drinks, lemonades and sparkling beverages that, prior to the arrival of Coca-Cola Freestyle, were not available in the U.S.  The self-serve fountains – which represent a complete departure from anything The Coca-Cola Company has offered previously – were in development for more than four years prior to launching in 2010. 

As part of their partnership, Coca-Cola Freestyle and Sodexo encourage people to Live Positively™ by offering them more than 70 diet and low-calorie beverages and more than 90 caffeine-free beverages– choices to fit every lifestyle and taste.


The University of Findlay is the first College/University in Ohio to offer the Coca-Cola Freestyle, which is now available in more than 2,100 outlets and more than 75 markets, covering 43 states  across the U.S.

“We have created a concept that has quickly become recognized as the soda fountain of the future – a representation of the way people will experience Coca-Cola beverages years from now,” said Gene Farrell, vice president and general manager, Coca-Cola Freestyle. 
The Coca-Cola Freestyle fountain uses unique, proprietary PUREPOUR TECHNOLOGY™ and has the capacity to dispense more than 100 beverage varieties in the same amount of space as a standard eight-valve machine.  Coca-Cola Freestyle is also environmentally responsible, eliminating 30 percent of the water and packaging associated with traditional fountain equipment, which supports Sodexo’s Better Tomorrow commitments to reduce water intensity and non-organic waste at all of its client sites.

People can learn more about Coca-Cola Freestyle, discover the 100+ brands we offer, or share their favorite Coca-Cola Freestyle experience at www.facebook.com/cocacolafreestyle.