Grants are offered by the federal government and the State of Ohio.


In general, grants are awarded to students based on financial need or a specific talent. As with scholarships, grants are free money you won’t need to pay back and are a great way to finance a college education. 


Remember, grants are gift assistance and they do not need to be repaid. Make sure to submit your application for admission as well as the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.​


The first step in apply for grants is to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid​ (FAFSA). The federal grants you may be eligible for are:



​Type ​Amount ​Eligibility
​Federal Pell Grant ​$602 - $5,550 ​Full- or part-time students; requires FAFSA; amount listed assumes full-time enrollment
​Federal Supplemental Grant ​$500 - $1,000 ​For students with exceptional need; requires FAFSA
​Ohio College Opportunity Grant $2,280 ​Requires FAFSA; grant amount subject to change, pending state budgetary process
Pennsylvania Higher Education Grant Up to $600 Pennsylvania resident; requires FAFSA​


Additionally the federal TEACH Grant may be available to students seeking teaching licensure, but requires that students teach in certain academic subjects and in school districts with certain economic criteria.  


More information about the grant may be found at TEACH Grant​.