How to Apply for Aid​​

​​Applying for aid is as simple as filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online.  

The FAFSA requests several data items from the federal tax returns, from W-2 forms, and from financial institutions and/or investment account statements.  When you file the FAFSA, the data you provide will be sent to the U.S. Department of Education for analysis.  The data will also be forwarded to the Ohio Board of Regents (or other state grant agency for residents of other states) which will determine eligibility for the Ohio College Opportunity Grant or its successor program.​

Online filing provides rapid delivery of the data to the Financial Aid Office once the federal processor has reviewed the data-turn-around time for the electronic application is usually less than five days.  We recommend that you file the FAFSA no later than April 1 for fall enrollment.  Please note also that we observe deadlines for the awarding of institutional aid.  You must submit the FAFSA no later than September 30 for the fall semester, no later than January 31 for the spring semester.

To get the information to us, please include our federal code number in the school section--003045.


Additional Information

We anticipate that students will reapply for aid annually.  We will generally renew the institutional aid at the same level as was awarded when you first enrolled in Findlay.  However, if you choose to commute from home, we will reassess your institutional aid eligibility since your costs are lower.  Likewise, if the Student Affairs Office approves your living off campus, we will typically reduce the institutional need-based aid by up to $1,000.

Current federal financial aid policy mandates that you must complete your baccalaureate degree requirements within 150 percent of the normal credit policy (124 hours).  Thus, if you have attempted 186 semester hours and have not yet received your degree, you may be subject to loss of federal aid for your additional enrollment.

We will assist you in securing all state and/or federal aid for which you may be eligible.