Scholarship Program for New Undergraduate Students

Findlay is pleased to announce new scholarships opportunities for undergraduate students who are enrolling to UF for the first time beginning the Fall 2014 semester.  These scholarships are in addition to the $9,500 to $16,000 merit scholarships available to qualified students, and are automatically renewable each year of undergraduate study.

The new scholarships include:

  • Post-Secondary/UF-USA Scholarship - $1,000 a year scholarship for any student currently enrolled in UF's Post-Secondary or UF-USA programs who starts at UF as a freshman.
  • Sibling Scholarship - $500 a year scholarship per sibling who attend UF. Students must be enrolled in the same academic year to quality for the scholarship.
  • Child of Alumni Scholarship - $500 a year for any student whose mother or father is an alumni of UF
  • Transfer Excellence Scholarship - $1,000 a year scholarship available to incoming students who are transferring from any Ohio community college. Preference will be given to students who are members of Phi Theta Kappa.
  • Pelton Endowed Scholarship - Up to $1,000 a year for Ohio residents with a minimum GPA or 3.0.
  • Van Sweringen Endowed Scholarships - Up to $1,000 a year for resident of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Illinois with a minimum GPA of 2.75
  • Ritz Memorial Endowed Scholarships - Up to $500 a year for students demonstrating financial need
  • Beeson Endowed Scholarships - Up to $1,000 a year for graduates of a Hancock County, Ohio, high school who demonstrate financial need.
  • Margaret and Paul Palmer Family Endowed Scholarships - Up to $1,000 for students active in their community and display leadership.

To qualify for any of above scholarships, student must be accepted to the University and complete the New Undergraduate Student Scholarship Application.  If you are already accepted to Findlay, contact your admissions counselor for a link to the scholarship application. If you have not yet applied to Findlay, click on the button below to start the application process.

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 1.37.00 PM.png

For more information about how to apply for the scholarships, contact your admissions counselor or the Office of Admissions at 419-434-4732.