Smoking Cessation

Have you been wanting to "kick the habit" of smoking cigarettes or using smokeless tobacco? 

Well rest easy, because quitting has never been easier...medications and behavioral support are available for those seeking help.  With combined efforts through the Cosiano Health Center and Counseling Services, we can tailor an approach for you that will increase your success.  Simply contact our offices to set up an appointment.

Need some further encouragement? 

Check out some of the benefits of quitting:
  • You will be healthier and have more energy.  
  • Those who quit, quickly notice significant changes in the way they feel. You will have more money.  
  • If you are a pack a day smoker and you decide to end your smoking habit, you are saving about $5.00 a day.
  • You will be more attractive. 
  • Smoking causes premature wrinkling.
  • You are more likely to get a job.  Many employers would rather hire a non smoker because they do not risk the loss of productivity due to smoking breaks and save the company money on health insurance.
  • You will date more.  A study of college students revealed that 93% of students would rather date a non smoker. ​

Call us if you would like to "Kick the Habit"!
Cosiano Health Center: 419-434-4550
Counseling Services: 419-434-4526 

For online support and information check out these great websites: