Checkout information

2012-13 Damage and Fee Chart

Below is a list of damage charges that may be assessed during the checkout process.  To insure minimum charges please return room furniture to its original position, remove trash, clean room, and properly checkout with your Resident Assistant. 

Furniture Damage

  • Burn Marks $10-50
  • Broken Closet Door or  Drawer $20-50
  • Missing Furniture $100-400 per item
  • Damaged/Missing Mattress $85

Room Damage 

  • Damage to Door $25-100
  • Damage to Drapes or Drape Rods $25-100
  • Holes in Wall 1" or less $25-100
  • Hooks, Nails, or Tacks in Wall/Ceiling $5-50
  • Lock Damage $110
  • Broken Mirror $25
  • Paint or Markings on Walls/Ceiling $25-100
  • Missing or Damaged Screens (small) $20
  • Missing or Damaged Screens (large) $40
  • Scuffed or Marked Floor $$10
  • Tampering with Thermostat or Covers $50
  • Tape/Glue on Walls $10-50
  • Window Broken $50-100

Fines and Fees

  • Improper Check-out $50
  • Failure to Remove Trash From Room $15-50
  • Failure to Return Keys $40 per key
  • Failure to Return Furniture to Original Position $50
  • Failure to Sweep Floor $10  


*As stated in the Housing License Agreement, costs associated with damages in common areas (lounges, restrooms…) will be divided equally among all members of a floor/house/townhouse/cottage when the responsible party or parties can not be identified. 

*Additional charges may be assessed according to the type of damage and as determined necessary by University officials.