Group Housing ​

Group houses are another option for on-campus housing. Group houses give student the feel of off-campus living with all the perks of living on campus. Laundry, high-speed Internet and cable TV are all provided, and each group house is furnished similar to the Cottages and Townhouses. Students sign up to live with friends of their choosing in the group houses, which makes this a great option for sophomores, juniors and seniors.

A Resident Assistant is assigned to each house, and may or may not reside in the house, along with a Resident Director that oversees group houses. Staff members are available to assist students in the Residence Life Staff Offices located throughout campus from 8 p.m. to midnight every day of the academic calendar.

The following group houses (location and number of rooms) are shown below.

Frazer 317: 4-Doubles
Frazer 320: 3-Singles, 1 Double
Frazer 332: 3-Singles, 1-Double ​
Frazer 400: 3-Singles, 1-Double 
Frazer 415: 3-Singles, 1-Double 
Howard 306: 4-Doubles
Howard 316: 4-Doubles
Howard 320: 1-Single, 4-Doubles
Howard 324: 3-Doubles
Howard 328: 4-Doubles
Howard 332: 1-Single, 4-Doubles
Howard 340: 3-Singles, 1-Double
Howard 342: 1-Single, 2-Double
Howard 420: 3-Doubles
Howard 438: 1-Single, 2-Doubles