club sports

Club Sports were established in the Fall 2011 to promote and develop the interests and skills of their members in a particular sport.  Clubs may be instructional, recreational, and/or competitive.  Currently, there are three Club Sports offered at UF: men's lacrosse, women's rugby, and co-ed stock horse team.  

All clubs are administered by the Recreational Services Department, however, all clubs are organized by student officers and a faculty/staff advisor.  Any club member has the opportunity to become involved in the leadership and decision making process for their club.  Club sports are open to all UF students whether they are at a beginner skill level or an advanced level competitor.

To help provide a better overview of the program. consider the following facts:

  • Club sports teams may practice two to three times per week and compete on the weekends while in-season.
  • Clubs will practice and compete on-campus utilizing department resources.
  • Some clubs may compete in regional and national tournaments each year.
  • Clubs charge participant dues of $50.00 per semester.
  • Clubs may have a coach or instructor to assist with proper training, organized practices, and coaching during competitions.​